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Protein Snack Packs for Endurance Strength, Training & Recovery

protein snack packs with a row of brown bags with red and green apple

In the world of endurance sports, protein is more than just a staple in your diet; it’s a crucial component for optimizing performance and recovery. As an endurance athlete, you use your body for long training sessions and races. It can be helpful to have go-to protein snack packs before heading back home, to the […]

Regaining Menstrual Health: How to Get My Period Back as an Endurance Athlete

male and female athlete high fiving one another in red tops with black bottoms before their track race

As a female endurance athlete, menstrual health is as critical as your physical training. Yet, you may be facing a silent issue-amenorrhea (loss of your period or menstrual cycle)-and asking yourself, “How to get my period back?” Not just a matter of reproductive health, the loss of a regular menstrual cycle can impact your long-term […]

Unlocking Endurance: The Best Magnesium for Athletes

pill bottle with a white label that says magnesium

Magnesium is essential for endurance athlete health and performance. You may benefit from magnesium supplementation, but it can be confusing to know which kind is the best magnesium for athletes. Do you ever struggle with low energy? Do you suffer muscle cramps? Do you have trouble sleeping? These are possible signs of many conditions, but […]

Creatine for Endurance Athletes

Closeup of scoop with creatine monohydrate supplement and chemical formula

Is creatine good for endurance athletes? Should you supplement with creatine for endurance running? Does creatine help you build lean muscle? These are common questions asked by all types of athletes, not just endurance athletes. Creatine is one of the most popular ergogenic aids used by both competitive and recreational athletes. It is even taken […]

Sweat Test for Athletes: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Hydration

Skin with sweat

Do you struggle with hydration during your exercise?  Are you wondering if there is a sweat test for athletes to improve your heat tolerance and exercise performance level…especially as the temperatures (and humidity) begin to climb as summer approaches? Hi! As a sports dietitian and endurance athlete living in the {HOT and humid} state of […]

Should Athletes Take A B12 Energy Shot?

B vitamins graphic

Are you wondering if a B12 energy shot will give you an edge at your next hard practice or competition?  Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin widely available in checkout lines and taken as a B12 energy shot. Easy accessibility and slick marketing may trigger your impulse purchase; especially if you’re feeling lethargic or low […]

Nutrition for Rodeo Athletes

Man riding cow at rodeo

Do you struggle with the challenge of meeting nutrition demands as rodeo athletes? Do you suffer from low energy or injury? Rodeo, second to baseball, is the epitome of American values and a fast-growing type of contact sport. (1) Rodeo athletes experience unique nutrition challenges with frequent road travel, high physical demands, and high risk […]

Recovery Recipe: Mexican Street Tacos

mexican tacos on plate

Quick, easy recovery recipe for the time-crunched athlete and the entire family. Protein is important for muscle repair after exercise and for overnight recovery. (1, 2) This recovery recipe is a household favorite that can be adjusted easily for everyone on the team or in the family. Double (or triple) the recipe for easy meal […]