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How Much Sodium is Lost in Sweat?

As a Texas endurance athlete, you’re no stranger to the effects of heat and humidity on your body. Athletes lose anywhere from 200-2,000 mg of sodium per liter of sweat — depleting their bodies of hydration. And while it is easy to plug electrolyte drinks, salt tablets and gels into your fueling plan — instead of guessing as to what your body needs, there’s a better way.

Sweat Test for Athletes

The Precision Hydration Sweat Sodium Test is a non-invasive, non-exercise sweat test designed to give you the data you need to personalize your hydration strategy to optimize your performance and recovery — especially in the Texas heat.

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Sweat Test Precision Hydration

Sweat Sodium Testing
Optimizing hydration requires an individualized approach including sweat sodium and sweat volume.

If you train or race in hot, humid conditions for longer than 60-minutes, consider this test a must-do. Heat and humidity increase your fluid needs and risk of dehydration leading to reduced blood flow to your working muscles, increased heart rate, and inability to train at high intensity. Knowing your body’s response and individual needs is a critical component to your race training.

This test can be done in-person at the Victorem Performance Nutrition office — or can be brought to your school, office, or store.

Sweat Sodium Test Includes:

  • Testing done in-office
  • Recommendations on when, what and how much to drink before, during and after training/racing
  • Recommended electrolyte strength
  • Access to discounted, professional-grade supplements through Fullscript

Investment: $175

Sweat Test Near Me

Victorem Performance Nutrition is proud to offer Sweat Sodium Testing to endurance athletes in:

Brenham | Bryan-College Station | Houston | Austin | San Antonio

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