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Athlete Blood Tests

When it comes to your training — test don’t guess. The same goes for your nutrition.

At Victorem Performance Nutrition, we offer a variety of athlete testing — both in-person and remotely — for the endurance athlete looking to get a data-driven, baseline understanding of their nutritional needs.

At Victorem Performance Nutrition, we partner with endurance athletes to provide customized, data-driven nutritional counseling.

athlete blood tests


Omega-3 Index Plus Test


Important for athletes and individuals of all ages, life stage, and activity level for brain, eye, and joint health. Crucial for athletes at risk or with a history of concussion.

This is a finger prick blood test that measures the amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in red blood cell membranes. It is a long-term indicator of omega-3 status reflecting tissue levels of EPA + DHA.

This test can be done in-person or at home.

Vitamin D Test


Vitamin D Testing Includes:

  • Personalized vitamin D supplement dose recommendation to achieve desired level
  • Access to discounted professional-grade dispensary for safe vitamin D supplementation
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Sweat Sodium Testing

Victorem Performance Nutrition is proud to offer Sweat Sodium Testing to endurance athletes in:

Brenham | Bryan-College Station | Houston | Austin | San Antonio